Graphite Electrodes:
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US Graphite Electrodes Sales Contact: Jay McCloy
Phone: 800-828-6601

As we are now entering a new more challenging age, we must devote all our efforts and apply our technologies to developing even more advanced products. Having anticipated the changes, new production techniques are already in place.

We have expanded our R&D facilities and organization to cover everything from fundamental research to applied technology in the fields of carbon and graphite materials. The Fuji Research Laboratory is one such facility which is equipped with the very latest technology and occupies a wide area, and is designed to be our creative center of the future.

Our strong emphasis on research and creative spirit is supported by eighty years of experience in this field. We also have a deep commitment to quality and customer service. Today, Tokai electrodes are used by steel makers over the world and have earned a reputation for their high quality and reliability among operators of electric arc furnaces worldwide.