In February 4, 1994, Japan's first experimental space rocket, H-2 was carrying a space re-entry experimental vehicle called OREX (Orbital Re-entry Experimental) which was covered with heat resistant tiles made of C/C composite jointly developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industry and Tokai Carbon. The re-entry experiment was successfully carried out. There is a continuing expectation for larger C/C composites in the up-coming HYFREX (Hypersonic Flight Experiment) and HOPE (H-2Orbiting Plane)-X Project. Research for employing the C/C composites in semiconductor applications is also under way.
Photos courtesy of NASDA

"TOKAREC" C/C COMPOSITE is a material with high strength carbon fiber and carbon matrix. This composite having excellent mechanical properties is suitable for use in a variety of high temperature applications.

  • High Specific Strength and High Specific Modulus
  • Excellent Heat and Thermal Shock Resistance
  • Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
  • Low Thermal Conductivity (1/3 of Heat-Resistant Steel)
  • High Purity
  • Light weight compared to metal and NO strength decrease at high temperature
  • Components for Crystal Pullers
  • Furnace Structural Parts
  • Heaters, etc.