CIP (Cold Isostatic Pressing) is a method of cold hydrostatic pressure molding usually known as "rubber press". We have one of the largest rubber-press molding containers in Japan, which have inner diameter of 98" ~ h118" (2,500mmh3,000mm).

The CIP method involves transmitting a pressure with a liquid; in other words, it is a method of applying Pascal's law to powder molding. When powder is sealed in a rubber bag which has little transformation resistance and liquid pressure is applied, all of the powder surfaces receive the same compressive force equal to the liquid pressure so that the powder is compressed and molded isotropically.

Fine grain high density graphite with uniform structure can be obtained with this method. By applying the large graphite part manufacturing technology, which we have developed over the years, to rubber-press (CIP), we now can offer G series isotropic graphite entirely suitable for today's most advanced applications.